Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Class Admins: What They Are And How To Add One (Or More) To Your Class

If you don't know what Easy Notecards Classes are check out Introduction to Classes.

Class Admin Privileges

Here's what class admins can do that regular class members cannot:
  • Add and remove sets*
  • Add and remove class links
  • Invite members*
  • Remove members who are not admins
  • Accept and deny requests to join the class
*By default, regular class members can add sets and invite members; however, the class creator can turn these options off.

How to Grant Admin Privileges

To grant or revoke admin privileges you must be the class creator. A class can have multiple admins.

On the page of the class you want to add an admin to follow these steps:
(See screenshot below for a visual representation of these steps)
  1. Click the "Members" tab
  2. Click the down arrow for the member you want to grant admin privileges to
  3. Click the "Grant admin privileges" option

You will then be presented with a dialog to confirm your action.

That's it. You can easily remove admin privileges for a member by following the same steps.

Try it out now by creating your first class!

Good Luck this semester!


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