Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Overview Tab for Your Locker

Before we get started, if you are not familiar with your Easy Notecards Locker check out the blog post Your Easy Notecards Locker.

The new Locker Overview Tab provides a simple yet powerful summary of your locker's content. It's easy to use and saves you time by not having to click on each individual locker tab.  The Overview Tab is the first tab shown when viewing your locker or someone else's. When viewing someone else's locker certain data is not displayed such as recently viewed sets and marked sets. More on that below.

Content on the Overview Tab is broken down into 3 sections: Recently Viewed Sets, Locker Lists and Recent Activity. Let's take a quick look at each of these sections.

Recently Viewed Sets
15 of your most recently viewed notecard sets are displayed 3 at a time. Use the blue arrows to view more notecard sets. Click on the notecard set to continue studying. This feature is only show when viewing your own locker.

Locker Lists
The 4 most recent Created Sets, Marked Sets, Fav Sets, Fav Books and Fav Members are displayed as lists. The Marked Sets list is only shown when viewing your own locker.

Recent Activity
The 4 most Recent Activity Items are shown.

We think the Overview Tab will be a super helpful feature that you will use often.

Other News:
In the past, the matching game did not work correctly on touch-screen devices. We fixed that. Now you can play the matching game on your smartphone or tablet by tapping the cards to select them. Also, when editing a notecard set you now have the option to save it as a new set. When you use this option the original will remain unchanged and a new set will be created.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Study Only The Notecards You Don't Know

Before getting to the exciting news about the new Marking System, we'd like to wish you and yours a Happy & Healthy 2012!

Over the holiday break we were hard at work improving the Marking System for Easy Notecards. For those of you not familiar with the Marking System, here's a quick explanation of how it works:

Each notecard set has 3 piles: All Cards, Marked and Un-Marked . These piles are pretty easy to understand. The All Cards pile will always contain all notecards that belong to the set. The Marked pile contains your marked notecards and the Un-Marked pile contains your un-marked notecards. When you mark a card it will be moved from the Un-Marked pile to the Marked pile and vice versa. Our suggestion for using the Marking System is to mark the notecards you don't know and un-mark them as you learn them. This is only a suggestion. Feel free to use the Marking System in any way that helps you study.

Here's what we did to improve the Marking System:

Marked Cards Remembered
Your Marked cards will be remembered from study session to study session as long as you are signed in. No need to re-mark cards you marked during a previous study session. If you are not signed in only the most recent notecard set you marked cards for will be remembered. Another reason to register for a FREE Easy Notecards account.

Marked Notecards Tab in Your Locker
When you view your own Locker you will notice that we added a Marked Notecards tab (image below). This tab keeps track of all notecard sets you have marked cards for. It displays how many marked notecards the set has and the date you last marked a card for it.

Mark Cards in List View
In the past, you could only mark/un-mark cards in Notecard View. Now you can do it in List View. In List View simply click the card's number (#) to mark/un-mark it. Directly above the list, there is also an option to mark or un-mark all cards. Don't know how to get to List View? When viewing a notecard set click the List View link (image below) located below the Quiz and Matching Game buttons.

Marking System Tabs
We've added tabs (image below) for each of the 3 piles (ALL Cards, MARKED and UN-MARKED) to make it super easy to switch between them. Want to view only your marked cards? Click the MARKED tab. Tabs are available for both Notecard View and List View.

Take the Quiz or Play the Matching Game with Marked or Un-Marked Cards
In the past, all notecards were used for the quiz and matching game. Now you have the option to perform these activities with only Marked or Un-Marked cards. Let's say you marked 20 notecards you don't know for a particular set. Now you can take the quiz or play the matching game using only those 20 cards you don't know. Also, this option will be available for future activities we add to Easy Notecards.

Here's what it looks like when you want to take the quiz for a notecard set that has marked cards (notice you can also select to use random cards):

Print Only Marked or Un-Marked Cards
When printing a notecard set that has marked cards as notecards or as a list you now have the option to print ALL Cards, MARKED Cards or UN-MARKED Cards. Again, this is helpful when you only want to print certain notecards.

This is what it looks like when you want to print a notecard set that has marked cards:

The new Marking System saves you time by letting you study only the notecards you don't know. Questions/Comments about the new Marking System? Feel free to post a comment or contact us.