Monday, June 25, 2012

New Multiplayer Bingo Game Ready For Final Testing!

We're very excited to announce that our 1st multiplayer game, Bingo, is ready for final testing.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 26th from Noon EST to 11:59PM EST.

There will be many Bingo Rooms open for testing. Use our Contact Form (subject "Bingo") to provide feedback (suggestions, comments or problems) about the game. You can also provide feedback by posting a comment to this blog post.

More About the Game
Once Bingo is officially released in a week or so users will be able to create a Bingo Room for any notecard set available on Easy Notecards! Also, we are working on a Single Player Mode that will be available sometime in July.

There are 2 Game Types:
  • Cover All - A valid BINGO is when all items are selected. Uses a 3 x 3 card for notecard sets with less than 30 notecards.
  • 5 In A Row - A valid BINGO is when 5 items in a row are correctly selected to form a horizontal, vertical or diaganol line. Uses a 5 x 5 card for notecard sets with 30 or more notecards.
  • Chat - Talk with other players in the room. You can send a private message to a player by using the @ sign. For example: "@player_name Good Luck!" will only be seen by player_name.
  • Multiple Cards - Play up to 3 cards at once.
  • Select Bingo Card Data to Use - When creating a Bingo Room you can select to use either the front or back of notecards to be used for the Bingo Card Data.
  • Password Protect - You can enter a password to restrict access to the Bingo Room you create.
  • Player Stats - When the game is over view selections you got correct, incorrect and missed.
  • Speed Up Intermission - By default there is a 1 minute intermission between games. If more than half of the room is ready the intermission will be set to 5 seconds.
  • Cumulative Bingo Points - Your overall Bingo Points will be tracked and displayed in Your Locker.
We hope you enjoy the new game that is both educational and fun!