Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Introducing Classes

We're excited to introduce you to Easy Notecards Classes. With classes, you can manage card sets, links and members (classmates or students) for specific classes.

Here are a few class features:
  • Create/Join an unlimited number of classes.
  • Each class can have an unlimited number of card sets, links and members.
  • Class links can be used to link to outside resources such as a class website, syllabus, assignment, etc.
  • Control who can view your class. By default, the class is only viewable by class members.
  • Allow others to join your class by providing them with the class code or the auto join link.
  • Promote other class members to class admins. Class admins have additional privileges that regular class members don't.
  • Turn on the option "Require full name to join" to easily manage class members.
  • Instructor and school can be entered for easier searching. (Class search coming soon)
  • Add private and protected sets to a class. These sets will be viewable by all class members without the need of a password.

Below you'll learn how to create, join and invite members to a class. But first, let's take a look at the Class page.

Class Page

Once you are a member of a class the Class page will look something like this: (Red numbers have been added for identification)

  1. Class Details tab - Displays info such as creator, instructor, school and description.
  2. Invite tab - Displays class link, auto join link and class code. Class creator controls if all class members can access this tab.
  3. Class Options - Provides options to edit (creator only), delete (creator only), leave or report a class.
  4. Class Sets tab - Shows all class sets. By default, all class members can add sets. Click Add a Set to add 1 or more sets from your created or favorite sets. Class creator and admins can remove any set. Other members can remove sets they added. 
  5. Class Links tab - Shows all class links. Only the class creator and admins can add and remove class links.
  6. Class Members tab - Shows all class members. Class creator can grant/revoke admin privileges and remove members. Class admins can remove members except for the class creator and other class admins.
  7. Class Activity - Displays certain activity such as when a class member adds a set/link or joins/leaves the class.

How to Create a Class

To create a class click Create Class on the My Classes page. Here's what the create Class Page looks like:

Class name is the only required field but it is highly recommended you include instructor and school.
  • Class name - The name of the class.
  • Description - A description of the class.
  • Instructor - The class instructor(s). You also have the option to select I'm the instructor which will make it clear to anyone who views the class that it was created by the instructor.
  • School - The school the class takes place at. Schools for other classes you belong to will be available for easy selection.
  • Who can view class data - By default, only class members can view class data (sets, links, members and activity), however, you can choose to allow everyone to be able to view this data.
  • Require full name to join - When this option is selected, a first and last name is required to join the class. Please note, once there is more than 1 class member this option cannot be turned on.
  • Who can add sets - By default, all class members can add sets, however, you can choose to allow only the class creator and admins to be able to add sets.
  • Who can invite others - By default, all class members will be able to see the Invite tab. The Invite tab displays info on how to invite other members. You can change this so only the class creator and admins can see this info.

How to Join a Class

If you have the class code, go to the My Classes page, click Enter Class Code.. and enter the class code. You can also enter the class code on the Class page.

If you are provided with a class link, chances are it is an auto join link. An auto join link allows you to join a class automatically without having to enter the class code. If it's not an auto join link you will either have to enter the class code or request to join the class.

You can also be invited within Easy Notecards to join a class. When invited, you will receive a notification on your Notifications page that has a link to the class. When you go to the class page you will be able to join the class without having to enter the class code.

If you don't have the class code or an auto join link and have not been invited to join a class you can still request to join a class. To do this go to the Class page and click the Request to join this class link. The class creator (and admins) will have the option to either accept or deny your request.

How to Invite Others to Your Class

By default, all class members can view the Invite tab. The Invite tab (shown below) shows the multiple ways you can invite others to your class.

  • Class link - Basic link to the class. Users will still need the class code to join or they can request to join the class.
  • Auto join link - Users who use this link can join the class automatically. 
  • Class code - Users who have the class code can join the class either on the My Classes page or the Class page.
You can also invite members from their Locker page. To do this, go to the Locker of the member you want to invite, click Invite to Class (top right corner), select the class(es) and click Invite. The member will receive an invite notification that will allow him/her to join the class automatically.

More To Come...

Two class features that will be added in the near future are Class Search and Class Discussion. We also plan on adding a Teacher Mode, which will allow teachers to track their students' activity. This feature is a little further down the road.

Classes are a great way to share and organize your course material. Try them out today: Easy Notecards Classes

Good Luck this semester!