Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Linking Notecards to a Specific Book

Easy Notecards is the only website of its kind that lets you link your notecards/flashcards to a specific book. We take this one step further by allowing you to also enter the chapters of the book the notecards are for. Since notecards are organized by chapters within a book everything remains well organized and easy to find.

How to link to a book and chapters
When creating or editing notecards you'll notice the Book section. This is where you can link your notecards to a book. The 2 fields are ISBN and Chapter(s). If you don't have access to your book's ISBN simply click the "Find my book" link to search for your book by title, author, subject, etc. For Chapter(s) enter 1 or more chapters the notecards pertain to. If the notecards are not for a specific chapter, you can leave Chapter(s) blank. This will result in your notecards being listed under "No Chapter".

Searching for books
Easy Notecards lets you search for books by ISBN, title, author, subject , publisher and more. It's important to know that when you search for a book only books that have at least 1 notecard set are searched, which at the time of this post is around 150. You can, however, create notecards for any of the more than 15 million books on Google Books. So, if you can't find your book it usually means that no one has created notecards for it yet. You can be the first!

Viewing all notecard sets for a book
Here's where the power of book linking shines through. Check out the Medical Terminology in a Flash! book (image below). Notice how the notecard sets are organized by the chapters of the book. Notecard sets are sorted within chapters by Helpfulness. You have the option to change the sort order to Views or Newest.

Viewing the book a notecard set is linked to
When viewing a notecard set take a look to the right to see the book and chapters the notecard set is for. If the notecard set is not linked to a book then there will be no data for book. The image below shows that the notecard set The Hematologic System is for Chapter 4 of the Practice Questions for NCLEX-PN book.

Locker organization
Your locker organizes Created Sets, Marked Sets and Fav Sets by books. If a notecard set is not linked to a book it will be listed under "No Book". Here's an example of a member's Favorite Notecard Sets:

Linking notecards to a specific book and chapters is not only helpful for the creator of the notecards but also those searching for notecards. We hope you take advantage of this feature and link your notecards to the book and chapter(s) they are based on if applicable.

Development Update:
We're excited to announce that we are currently developing a new game that will be both fun to play and educational. There is no official release date but it should be up and running before the end of this Spring Semester. We'll keep you posted!