Thursday, July 12, 2012

Single Player BINGO Is Now Available

In addition to Multiplayer BINGO, Single Player BINGO is now available!

For those of you not familiar with the new BINGO game, BINGO cards are created using one side of the notecards and BINGO calls are created using the other. It's a great way to learn new material while having fun.

Single Player BINGO puts you up against 4 computer opponents with different skill levels. Below is an In-Game screenshot. Notice the Players List directly below your BINGO card.

To play Single Player BINGO

Step 1: While viewing a notecard set, click the blue "BINGO" button

Step 2: Click the " Play against computer opponents " link under Single Player

Step 3: Select the number of cards, the card data and click "Start Game"

Here are some examples of Single Player BINGO Games:

Don't forget about the Multiplayer BINGO Rooms! Join an existing room or create your own.

We hope you are enjoying your Summer!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

BINGO Update: Multiplayer and Single Player

You may of noticed that you can create a Multiplayer BINGO Room for any notecard set on Easy Notecards that has at least 10 full (front and back) notecards.

To create a Multiplayer BINGO Room

Step 1: While viewing a notecard set, click the blue "BINGO" button

Step 2: Click the "Create a new Game Room" link under Multiplayer

Step 3: Enter the "Room Name", select options and click the green "Create Room" button

Multiplayer BINGO Rooms can hold up to 25 players and must have at least 2 players for the game to begin. An account is not required to play.

Single Player Mode is in the works and will be available sometime in mid July. In Single Player Mode you play against computer opponents.

Hope you are having a great Summer!