Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our Quizzes Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter

A dynamically created quiz can be taken for any notecard set that has at least 2 full cards. Since the quiz is created on the fly it will be different every time you take it.

The Old, Not So Smart Quizzes

The main problem with the old quizzes was that the wrong answers for each question were chosen at random. This often resulted in quiz answers that were very different from each other making it easier to select the correct answer.

For example, let's say you created a card set that contained both multiple choice and true false questions. You go to take the quiz and the first question is a true/false question. You look at the possible answers and this is what you see: True, B, A, C. The only possible answer to the question is True since False is nowhere to be found.

In addition, there were times when a quiz question would contain duplicate answers. Not only did this reduce the number of possible answers by 1, an observant user would soon learn that a duplicate answer was never the correct answer.

All of this has been eliminated with our new, smarter quizzes.

The New, Smarter Quizzes

First, answers are never duplicated.

Second, the wrong answers are no longer randomly selected. They are selected based on how similar they are to the correct answer.  If the correct answer to a quiz question has an image with no text then the wrong answers will have an image with no text (if they exist within the card set).

Similarity between the correct answer and wrong answers is based on:
  • total number of words
  • total number of characters
  • contains a list
    • if a list exists then list type is considered
  • has an image

Lastly, True/False and Yes/No are special cases that are handled differently. Only 2 answers are presented to the user for these type of questions.

We hope you enjoy the improvements to our quizzes. Try it out on your own sets or try one of these:

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