Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adding Items to Favorites

With Easy Notecards you can add notecard sets, books and members to your favorites. Before looking at the benefits of doing this, I'll show you how to add and remove favorites.

To add an item to your favorites click the appropriate Add to My Favorite Item Type(s) button where Item Type is either Notecard Set, Book or Member.

Here's the favorite button (circled in red) for a notecard set. The location is the same for a book and member.

Favorites are stored and organized in your locker. Your Easy Notecards Locker

To remove an item from your favorites either do so through your locker or click the Remove from My Favorite Item Type(s) on the item's page.

Benefits of  Favorites
The main benefit of favorites is being able to quickly access items that are helpful to you. For example, to view a book you previously added to your favorites you would go to your locker, click the Fav books tab and click the book.

Another benefits of favorites is the notifications that come along with them. Notifications are short messages about activities that may be of interest to you. Go to Settings to adjust what notifications you receive.

Here are the 3 notifications associated with the 3 favorite types:
  1. Favorite Notecard Set - You will be notified if one of your favorite notecard sets is edited
  2. Favorite Book - You will be notified if a notecard set is added to one of your favorite books
  3. Favorite Member - You will be notified is one of your favorite members creates a new notecard set
Favorites is another way Easy Notecards saves you valuable time and energy.

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